The Players

Joe Kollasch, The Commish

Opens the gym in the mornings and is the final word on all major decisions (like what bar to go to on Wed nights). Likes to distribute the ball. Will usually pass up the open layup to dish it for the challenged 15 footer.

Jeff Schoenbauer, Schoenbo

Jeff is deadly from 20' to 5'. Anything closer than that and it becomes interesting. His signature move is the Schoenbo Sky.

Tim Ryan, GW

Tim hits game winners with regularity, but is best known for faking an injury and then "blowing" by the defense when they stop to show concern.

Vern Wicklander, World B Free

Vern is the 3-point specialist. His range starts when he enters the gym. When the game is on the line you have to guard him at half court.

Paul Zelmer, Paully

Paul is the kind of player that you would prefer to have on your team (you usually get less hurt on the same team). Paul's famous for his ballet-like footwork as he spins his way through the lane for a layup.

Corey Schmitz,

Corey is a great defensive player and has a smooth shot with excellent range. He's best known for using the backboard on his mid-range jumpers.

Bob Stemper, Bobby

Bob is the most consistent ball player we have in the morning. He is always there (10 minutes late), plays with the same intensity each day and has a great attitude. His signature move? When he misses a pass or layup and shouts "Go home Bob!"

Ron Schoenecker, The Savvy Veteran

Ron will usually show up for a half a session every few weeks. He dazzles us with his veteran leadership and playmaking ability. He always finds a way to score, usually by lulling the defender to sleep.

Dennis Olson, The Hustler

Dennis is like a faucet... he is either on or off. He has a great shot when it makes it above the rim. Dennis subscribes to Nolan Richardson's "40 minutes of hell" thought process.

Adam Brister, Bubby

Adam is the complete player. He has size (compared to the rest of us), is an excellent passer, can shoot the lights out and is deceptively quick. Your only hope is that he goes home early (or that Bob takes him out at the knees).

Jay Anderson, The gunslinger

Jay runs the court with abandon dishing passes left and right. Has some very acrobatic moves when driving the lane.

Joel Kalton,

Joel has deadly accuracy once he has the ball cocked and loaded. His son Kayden will be playing with the big boys within a year or two.

Dale Lapic, Lumpy

Dale has an almost unstoppable turn-around jump shot and surprising range for a "big guy". His vertical jump is surpassed by only Pike on the court.

Ted Nytes, the Golden Boy

Teddy's good looks and natural charm are 2nd only to his basketball skills. He is the ultimate slasher and is able to score from any angle. His best move is on defense when he shuts down opponents with his patented "clapper".

Greg Lee, Assistant to the Commissioner

Greg spends most of his time checking the stands for scouts and looking for sponsorship deals. Anyone... anyone?

Jamie Kollasch,

Jamie prowls the court with cat-like quickness racking up steal after steal. His trademark though is definitely his Jamaal Wilkes style shooting.

Steve Trewartha, the Pastor

Steve shoots about 90% in morning ball. He has a litany of low post moves, but is best known for his turn-around 8-10 footer that he kinda shoots across his body. Also has hands of steel.

Mike Prochaska, Pike

Pike is sponsored by the local Chiropractors - he sets the meanest picks on the court. His turnaround 10 footer is almost unstoppable.

Dustin Steinhoff, Big Papa

Dusty is that rare combination of a big man who can post up inside, lead the fast break or shoot the three.

Chris Bendzik,

Chris holds the morning ball record for most minutes played without a point. He must have attended the Tim Ryan executive layup camp.

Jake Ryan, The Kid

Jake has great all-around skills and regularly schools the "old" guys. He can shoot from just about anywhere with deadly accuracy.

Mark Bartusek, Grumpy

When Mark isn't complaining about someone inappropriately touching him he plays a solid all-around game. He is very accurate from within 8 feet.

Kevin Berglund, Fundamental

Kevin is the smoothest player to ever come out of Iowa - he's alright on the basketball court too.